Photoelectric sensors

20. July 2012

W280-2 compact photoelectric sensor: Ready to install sensor kit with BrightLight LED

In its second generation, the top selling W280 compact photoelectric sensor has been infused with a range of upgrades which broaden its range of application.

Kompakt-Lichtschranke W280-2

New: the second generation of the W280 compact photoelectric sensor

The W280-2 compact photoelectric sensor consists of three high-performance sensor types: energetic photoelectric proximity sensor, photoelectric retro-reflective sensor and through-beam photoelectric sensor. All products come in a compact design which includes a fast install kit and either a rotatable M12 plug connector, cable or screw terminal connection which offer a quick and easy setup.

Kompakt-Lichtschranke W280-2

The BrightLight LED’s homogeneous and bright light source simplyfies the commissioning

The new light source is a BrightLight LED which is homogenous and even brighter than before, simplifying the commissioning. Furthermore, the new LED-power improves the sensing distance and operating reserve. Thus, the sensor is less sensitive against pollution and provides high reliability.

Kompakt-Lichtschranke W280-2

The W280-2 also performs tasks in the packaging industry

They are compliant with EN 61000-6-3 (electromagnetic interference for “residential, commercial and light-industrial environments”) which makes the sensor especially suitable for door and gate areas. However, the W280-2 is not only for the above mentioned applications but also an ideal solution for industries such as machine tool, storage and conveyor, and packaging, or wood. The sensor can be used everywhere, where not only availability but flexibility in both commissioning and application is needed.

Kompakt-Lichtschranke W280-2

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