SICK Ultrasonic gas flow meters FLOWSIC600-XT

21. April 2017

Ultrasonic gas flow meters in a permanent series connection

The promise was made, and we kept it: For the first time, SICK installed two ultrasonic gas flow meters from SICK in a permanent series connection for a German power supply company. Additionally, the gas flow meters have been installed with non-time limited period of validity of verification in accordance with the German directive TR-G 18.


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The requirements for this installation are: two different ultrasonic gas flow meters with different numbers of measuring paths or measurement principles and a different measuring frequency or different analysis algorithms. In the past, this requirement has only been met with a system using one SICK meter and one meter from a different manufacturer.

However, for the first time FLOWSIC600-XT enables this comprehensive SICK solution to be installed with its 4-path device and the FLOWSIC600-XT Forte (8-path meter) as well as the different electronics units with different measuring frequencies.

Installation of permanent series connection at DREWAG NETZ GmbH

For a long time, local power supply company DREWAG NETZ GmbH in Dresden has placed its trust in SICK. The company is very excited that this solution has now been implemented:


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“I am particularly pleased that a local manufacturer was able to secure the contract after a lengthy tendering process, and that they then came up with such a good solution”, says Roberto Heider, Group Leader for the Meter Management department at DREWAG NETZ GmbH. “FLOWSIC600-XT is technically ahead of its rivals and meets all of our requirements, including for example with regard to the DSfG Meter Instance F communication connections. “This really helped us make our minds up”, adds Roberto Heider. The employees of DREWAG NETZ GmbH are also proud of the synchronous operation of the two SICK units, which is a key aspect in terms of the directive. This is because the requirement for recalibrating the measuring section can only be avoided if the measurement difference between the ultrasonic gas flow meters does not exceed 0.5% relative to commissioning. Since a calibration of each ultrasonic gas flow meter costs around EUR 8,000 per unit for meters of this size, it is of course important to avoid these expenses.


One month after successful commissioning, this was celebrated during a sight visit of the gas turbine-heating station “Nossener Brücke” between the members of the project team from DREWAG NETZ GmbH and SICK.




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