7. May 2015

The perfect combination of flexibility, simplicity and total security

Close collaboration between Heidemann Sicherheitselektronik and SICK has resulted in a new stroke of genius – the HS Nomade. A mobile system that can be quickly taken apart and put back together again, the HS Nomade can be used to monitor outdoor spaces, facades and buildings, as well as to protect material assets. And SICK’s LMS5xx 2D laser scanner with weather hood is one important component.


As a developer and installer of security systems for the high-security sector, Heidemann worked together with SICK to develop the HS Nomade. This system is easy to transport thanks to its compact dimensions, making it flexible and allowing it to be used anywhere. Applications include the monitoring of construction machinery and building materials on building sites, and it can even be relied upon to monitor aircraft that have been parked temporarily. At concerts, the system provides protection for valuable event equipment when setting up and packing away, and it can also be used as reliable surveillance for telecommunications systems and in large homes and mansions. The LMS5xx 2D laser scanner enables the HS Nomade to scan areas within a radius of up to 40 m with an extremely high level of accuracy, making it ideal for monitoring outdoor spaces, too.



The LMS features a weather protection cover that makes it resistant to all adverse weather effects. It also has a large field of vision and a wide area coverage of up to 80 m in diameter. The selective field evaluation ensures a high level of accuracy, while the high detection speed reduces the rate of false alarms. The new 5-Echo technology from SICK guarantees exceptional reliability in all weather conditions.

Reliability assured

Nomade_ProduktThe operation of the HS Nomade together with the LMS5xx 2D laser scanner is extremely reliable: It will not trigger an alarm for previously defined object sizes when pedestrians or small animals walk past a fence, for example, however If someone enters the monitored area, an alarm will be triggered. The user is able to program up to ten monitored areas and adapt the system to suit a wide range of applications thanks to the option to program different detection strategies, such as object blanking, reference boundaries, defined object sizes and detection times, and the allocation of inputs and outputs.

Mobile security

The HS Nomade can be dismantled to save space and allow it to be transported in the trunk of a car. If required, the system can also operate in an energy self-sufficient manner with the use of fuel cells or rechargeable batteries. The alarm can be transmitted, along with the video stream, to a cell phone or PC. Moreover, the system can be integrated into all conventional alarm control panels, meaning it can be used wherever a monitoring solution is needed at any given time. Thieves and vandals have really got their work cut out for them now!

Working effectively in partnership for increased security


Harald Heidemann, Manager Heidemann Sicherheitselektronik, Germany

“As a developer and installer of security systems for the high-security sector, we place great importance on quality and reliability. The SICK components we have used in our Nomade mobile outdoor space monitoring system live up fully to our expectations. For us to be able to implement our ideas, it was essential that we worked effectively in partnership with a company that could provide us with technical advice and expertise. The result is a unique product that ticks all the boxes – a perfect monitoring system that offers flexibility, simplicity and total security. Our customers are even able to marvel at the reliability of the SICK components when it comes to the monitoring of roofs and facades.”


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