Greenhouse gas measurement

Measuring rather than calculating: Efficient greenhouse gas measurement directly in the stack


Emissions trading requires facilities that generate greenhouse gases to take their own measurements and draw up reports concerning the volume of emissions that they produce. The EU directive that took effect at the beginning of 2013 saw the introduction of more stringent requirements when it comes to the accuracy of these measurements. The measurement uncertainty for high quantities of emissions must be below 2.5%. Vantaan Energia, an energy supplier based in Finland, has found a solution to this challenge thanks to the GHG-Control greenhouse gas measuring system by SICK. Continue reading

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Innovative mercury measurement in flue gas with MERCEM300Z

Mercem Teaser

Just traces of mercury can cause serious poisoning. Even at room temperature, mercury vaporizes in noticeable quantities and in this state, it is significantly more toxic than in liquid or solid form. It is no wonder, then, that mercury is subject to strict monitoring in the flue gas of incineration plants and cement kilns. Continue reading