Lector code analytics detects poor print quality in good time

Preventing the effects of process errors

Reading codes on packaging and secondary packaging is an essential part of intralogistics and distribution processes. If a code is hard or even impossible to read, this will result in disruptions to the production process or downtime in sub-processes in the supply chain. To stop process errors causing poor print quality in the codes, SICK offers customers an intelligent solution: Thanks to the Lector Code Analytics function, process errors can be detected in good time so that their negative effects can be prevented in advance. Continue reading

Verification of production plan data by reading out QR codes

Non-stop ice cream on a stick

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A sensory check can mean two things in the context of ice cream. Namely, the sensual experience of the chocolate coating cracking as you bite into it, followed by the explosion of flavors. Or it can refer to the quality check carried out by sensors in the manufacturing and packaging process. On the type HK 4 horizontal cartoner of Dienst Verpackungstechnik GmbH, the latter is undertaken by equipment including image-based code readers and vision sensors from SICK. Continue reading

Vision portfolio

Machine Vision from SICK: Expertise since 1985

The machine vision specialist, IVP AB, was founded more than 25 years ago in the university city of Linköping in southern Sweden as an offshoot of the university there. Since then, the company has been working with machine vision, thereby creating the foundation for SICK AG’s current Vision range. Continue reading