Configuration tool for Flexi Soft

Flexi Soft Designer: New tutorial videos available

Flexi Soft Designer Tutorial

The strength of the Flexi Soft Designer configuration tool is that it enables users to create easy and straightforward configurations for the Flexi Soft safety controller. Only three steps are needed (hardware configuration, logic creation and transfer and verify) to produce the configuration. The easy-to-follow user guide in the configuration tool provides information on the modules and elements, as well as a graphical wiring diagram for quick commissioning, plus full documentation. Continue reading

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VISIC100SF: The right choice for a clear view and good air quality in tunnels

Tunnel VISIC100SF

Red lights in front of the tunnel often means poor air quality in the tunnel. Tunnel operators try to avoid such situations with continuous monitoring of visibility in road tunnels. While the market offers many measuring devices that can perform this task, the VISIC100SF from SICK is truly in a league of its own. Because it combines scattered light with an electrochemical cell, it is the world‘s only tunnel sensor that can measure exhaust fumes as well as monitoring visibility in just one compact device. Continue reading


Traffic Information Collector (TIC) analyzes vehicle data in the Liefkenshoektunnel

More than 25,000 drivers decide each day to use the Liefkenshoektunnel. By doing so, they avoid traffic jams that often form on Ring 1 around Antwerp, Belgium. Today, the tunnel is the only toll road in Belgium. When there is heavy traffic on the Ring, the Flemish Traffic Centre exempts tunnel drivers from any fees. The new TIC profiling system from SICK comes into use during these times. The TIC ensures that tunnel operator NV Tunnel Liefkenshoek knows exactly how many vehicles of what types enter the tunnel. The operator needs this information to change the Flemish government for the passage of vehicles during the period in which no direct tolls are levied. Continue reading