No chance for the thieves


Automobile and commercial vehicle manufacturers and dealers park new vehicles on large lots. In the past, thieves have used this opportunity to steal catalytic converters and other components from the new vehicles or to commit vandalism. Since the manufacturers and dealers incur considerable costs from this, they look for a solution to secure the lots. An outdoor monitoring system from LASE PeCo can provide for unbeatable security thanks to the absolutely precise measuring performance of the LD-LRS 2D laser scanners from SICK.   Continue reading

Building security

Building safety and security: Effective solutions for protecting buildings, property, and material assets


When public and industrial buildings or private houses need to be secured against intrusions, jailbreak, theft, vandalism or terrorism, structural measures or protection by security guards often has its limits. Making additional use of electric or electronic protective devices is, therefore, a sensible idea. SICK provides a  diverse range of effective solutions for protecting buildings, property, and  material assets. Continue reading

Building security

Art protection in Viennas Secession exhibition center: 2D laser scanners guarding the Beethoven Frieze by Gustav Klimt

Beethovenfries Wiener Secession

The Vienna Secession exhibition center, a union of visual artists, is presenting the Beethoven Frieze by Gustav Klimt as part of its exhibition entitled “Close-up – Gustav Klimt / Gerwald Rockenschaub – Plattform” until April 7, 2013. In doing so, the artwork has to be protected against potential vandalism. For this reason, 2d laser scanners from SICK have been deployed to place a watchful eye over the cycle of paintings. Continue reading