UP56 Pure: Good protection means good measurement results

Level measurement for corrosive chemicals in solar wafer process plants

In many industries, challenging ambient conditions of all kinds are part of everyday production. The systems and sensors that are responsible for keeping the production process safe have to be specially protected against severe contamination or aggressive chemicals. For instance, chemicals are an unavoidable part of solar cell production, where they are central to core processes such as solar wafer surface finishing and cleaning. The levels in the chemical tanks have to be constantly monitored by sensors. The Teflon®-coated UP56 Pure ultrasonic level sensors deliver precise results on a non-stop basis.   Continue reading

Fluid sensors

Fluid sensors from SICK: Intelligent solutions for flow, pressure, temperature and level measurement

Whether for continuous level measurement, point level measurement , tough and precise flow measurement or universal temperature and pressure measurement – SICK offers a wide range of solutions for process engineering, storage and protection. Depending on the installation, characteristics of the liquid or solid, and ambient conditions, SICK provides a comprehensive product portfolio and a high level of expertise for more efficient processing. In our video we present our experts in the fields of pressure, level, temperature and flow sensors: Continue reading