SPS 2013

Review and photo gallery: Impressions from SPS IPC Drives 2013

SPS IPC Drives 2013

The automation sector meets in Nuremberg every year, at the peak of the gingerbread season a Nuremberg specialty. While Nuremberg’s Central Market metamorphoses into the ‘Christkindlesmarkt’ (Christmas market) in frosty temperatures, a goods market of a totally different type and dimension takes place seven kilometers away at the Trade Fair Center: SPS IPC Drives. Continue reading

Proximity sensors

CQ4: object recognition and fill level monitoring in miniature housing that is barely the size of a sugar cube


Following its success with the photoelectric sensors from the W4 product family and the UC4 ultrasonic sensors, SICK has now packaged the capacitive operating principle in a rugged miniature housing that is barely the size of a sugar cube. The result is the CQ4: a 100 Hz, space-saving, reliable and user friendly sensor for the safe detection of a wide range of objects and materials. Continue reading

Can read everything, even the hearts and minds of customers

New image-based code reader LECTOR®65x


Time for some real talent to step up to the line: SICK completes its portfolio of identification solutions for long reading distance in logistics and factory automation, laser scanners, line cameras, RFID systems, and – the recent novelty – the high-resolution LECTOR®65x matrix camera. Continue reading