From product combination to easy configuration

detec4 Prime: new Tutorial Videos available


Now with the new deTec4 Core and deTec2 Core safety light curtains, the protection of hazardous points and access points is easier than ever. The newest member of the deTec4 Prime family adds additional features and functionality. Four new tutorial Videos for the deTec4 Prime are now available.  Continue reading

Safety in explosive environments

Safety light curtains with explosion-proof enclosure


Properly safeguarding machines in explosive environments can be a difficult task. A simple spark can trigger an explosion – that’s why unprotected electrical devices, such as standard safety light curtains, are prohibited. Now, with the explosion-proof enclosure for safety light curtains, customers have more options and greater peace of mind. Continue reading

trends in machine safety

The „PLUS“ in machine safety: functional safety as added value

safetyPLUS® Video abspielen

How to combine safety and productivity? What international developments are taking place in the field of machine safety and how is SICK responding to them? An interview with Dr. Georg Plasberg, Head of the “Industrial Safety Systems” division at SICK, about safety as added value: added value in terms of functional safety but also legal safeguards. Continue reading