robot guidance and even more besides

Robots in the electronics industry: fast, precise, and flexible – thanks to intelligent sensor technology

In virtually every country, quality requirements are increasing, innovation cycles are getting shorter, and wage costs are rising. As a result, demand for robot-based automation solutions is growing within the electronics industry. Easier collaboration (e.g., thanks to compact and lightweight robots) is opening up additional applications for the market and offers huge potential for new customized automation Solutions.   Continue reading

Automated loading of machine tools

The safe solution for human-robot collaboration

In the factory of the future, humans and robots will collaborate to an increasing extent. Based on this vision, RoboJob develops innovative systems for the automated loading of machine tools. Safety laser scanners from SICK ensure maximum safety.   Continue reading

sens:Control – safe control solutions

Man-machine-interaction: Safe drive monitoring with the Drive Monitor

Drive Monitor

As the trend towards ever more powerful machines continues, ways of protecting them are also in need of constant development. Safe movement monitoring helps to keep risks to a minimum, as it not only enables mobile applications such as automated guided systems to be made more efficient, but even stationary applications, too. As part of the “Motion Control” range, SICK offers safety products that monitor the safety of machine movements. The latest member of this product family is the new drive monitor module, which offers even more flexible, high-performance drive monitoring that allows the operator to reach into the machine at reduced risk without having to switch it off. Continue reading

Robotics Championship 2012 | award

Robot equipped with SICK sensors wins Belgian Robotics Championship 2012

The Belgian Robotics Championship, organized by the PASS, is a compelling competition where autonomous robots, designed by engineers and university students, compete against each other. The goal of the competition is to build, as a team, a robot that can move on a playing field to carry out the requested commands as well as possible. The 3 best teams will represent Belgium at the international Eurobot final. Robots equipped with SICK sensors ranked 1st and 2nd in the Belgian Robotics Championship for students. Continue reading