Better and faster packaging processes for foil rolls

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At its Apeldoorn site in the Netherlands, the Loparex Group – which operates around the world – manufactures top-quality foils for the medical, graphics, and composite materials markets, to name a few. To optimize its foil packaging processes,  made the decision to integrate the transport and packaging solution from Nedpack. The plant and machinery construction company based in Harderwijk in the Netherlands relies on SICK sensors in tasks involving detection, measuring, identification, and safety. Continue reading

Automotive | Flexible automation with RFID

Dream car: custom orders require flexibility in production and logistics

On the Internet, customers can create their dream car in a matter of moments. The options are endless: which model? Which color? Equipment? Engine? Petrol or diesel? You can customize almost every detail. However, this has an immense impact on the production concept. All the necessary components have to be ready for the production line so that the customer’s dream car is ready as soon as possible. The real challenge here is making sure that exactly the right components are available at exactly the right time. Thanks to the RFID solutions by SICK, all this is possible. Continue reading

Identifying car bodies

UHF-RFID detects car bodies at Mercedes Benz despite heat and metal

Ceilings, walls, floors, skids, and car bodies – there’s nothing but metal behind the CPD dryer 2 at Mercedes-Benz in Rastatt. The conditions in which the SICK UHF-RFID devices for wireless identification of the B-Class car bodies have to work are extremely adverse. The devices control the movement of the car bodies, which are identified by a transponder, through the various work stations and processing stations and on to final assembly. With approximately 350,000 readings per day in the system, reading accuracy is a must, since erroneous readings can lead to car bodies being misdirected or mixed up. There is even the risk of collisions. Continue reading

Networked production processes

RFID@Bosch: virtualization of physical flow of goods

On the path to establishing networked production processes, the focus up to now has been on optimizing physical production and logistics processes. Thanks to the latest IT technologies, it is now possible to represent these processes and goods flows virtually. With the help of RFID technology, the status data for products or transport containers is recorded automatically at Bosch. The data exchange takes place in real time and extends beyond company boundaries to facilitate end-to-end optimization of production and supply networks. Continue reading

Prevent forklift accidents

RFID warns forklift drivers of critical points

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In the case of industrial trucks with a driver’s seat, accidents involving a collision with people, other trucks, warehouse facilities or structural elements can be identified as the cause for approximately 40% of all accidents (Source: BGHW aktuell 1/2010). The forklift manufacturer STILL uses a RFID system solution from SICK as a driver assistance system for greater convenience and safety in narrow aisles and on paths.   Continue reading