Mobile robots in production

Safety and more – SICK provides protection and navigation data for KUKA’s KMR iiwa

Industrial production in the future will see us working with assistants that are modular, versatile and, above all else, mobile. In KMR iiwa, KUKA Roboter GmbH has developed a fully automated, autonomous solution that combines the LBR iiwa lightweight robot and the OmniMove mobile platform. KUKA’s long-standing partnership with SICK has played an integral role in the process, thanks to safety laser scanners that provide both a protective function and navigational support in the KMR iiwa. This enables the worker to interact directly with the robot, which moves autonomously. No physical guards are required, making this system genuinely true to the spirit of creating sustainable flexibility in production. Continue reading

Safe operation for large-format printers

Printing in high speed and collision-free

Greater cost-effectiveness through increased productivity – swissQprint is setting a new benchmark with its new Nyala 2 large-format printer. This is also made possible by the machine’s smart safety concept, into which SICK’s miniTwin2 safety light curtains are integrated, guaranteeing collision-free operation of the print head cartridge. Continue reading

Safety services with a global process standard

Verified Safety – Safe processes help to guarantee good quality

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How is the safety of machines and systems guaranteed? By using devices which are specially developed to provide protection against hazards in machines and systems. However, safety devices alone will not suffice: they also have to be used correctly. And not just when it comes to their configuration or programming. Safe operation is crucial at a much earlier stage: right at the start of the project. In order to guarantee safe and seamless processes, we need reliable sensors and systems. Even the quality assurance systems that accompany the development and implementation of safety concepts have to be reliable and transparent. Continue reading

Electroplating facility at Varioprint AG

Level measurement for bubbling, spattering media

52 dip tanks with 80 approach positions fed by three automatic carriages. That’s exactly what printed circuit board specialist Varioprint AG based in Heiden, Switzerland, has been benefitting from in recent months thanks to its new, ultramodern electroplating facility. What’s more, the fully automated concept boasts two perfectly integrated key features: UP56 ultrasonic level sensors for level measurement and C4000 safety light curtains for area protection. Continue reading

Protecting |

Intelligent determination between goods and people: E. Leclerc protects palletizing systems with safety light curtains from SICK


Actemium Logistics provides automated solutions such as picking, conveying and sorting, WMS integration for companies working in logistics. As a means of securing access to a palletizing system for E. Leclerc, the company was on the hunt for a solution that would be able to distinguish between people and goods. The quest was made even more challenging by the range of complex factors that had to be considered in the decision. The solutions: C4000 Fusion safety light curtain from SICK. Continue reading