Residual stack monitoring with Safeguard Detector

Carton magazine: Making rigid housings a thing of the past


Requirements for protecting machinery have changed more and more with the increasing use of automation. In the past, protective devices in the work process were something of a nuisance; for this reason, they were often not used at all. Innovative technology has enabled protective devices to be integrated into the work process. As a result, they are no longer an obstacle for the operator and even help productivity in many cases. Reliable protective devices that are integrated into the workplace have thus become indispensable nowadays. They are a useful tool in achieving the goal of continuous production, which in turn improves system efficiency. Continue reading

A masterpiece based on an original design

deTec4 Prime safety light curtain

Now with the new deTec4 Core and deTec2 Core safety light curtains, the protection of hazardous points and access points is easier than ever. The newest member of the deTec4 Prime family adds additional features and functionality. Continue reading

Logistically optimized

Clicked quickly: G6 photoelectric sensor with innovative connectivity

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Compact design, faultless sensor performance, and clever connectivity – with these properties, the G6 miniature photoelectric sensor is the convincing choice for intralogistic modules and systems. In conjunction with Interroll, one of the world’s leading specialists in intralogistics, SICK has developed a quick-clip system, which allows the G6 to be mounted in seconds without any tools. Continue reading

Laser scanner support crane operators

Prevention of collisions when loading and unloading in ports

Loading and unloading in ports is constantly fast paced, while at the same time, safety is the highest priority. Preventing collisions with ship parts by monitoring port cranes can be particularly challenging, and accidents of this kind often cost several hundred thousands of euros. APM Terminals in Zeebrugge, Belgium wanted to mitigate the risk of such occurrences. Continue reading

Safe human-machine collaboration

Mobile robot tests dishwashers in continuous operation

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Open the door, load the dirty dishes, add detergent, and restart the cycle: dishwashers have to complete hundreds of challenging test cycles before they can be relied upon to perform in day-to-day operation. To make things easier for the personnel carrying out these tests, a new mobile robot system was developed at the Fraunhofer IPA on behalf of Bosch und Siemens Hausgeräte (BSH). The robot takes over all aspects of operating the machine. One of the focal points was user safety: the safety concept includes the use of laser scanners to protect the working area while allowing the robot’s hand to be inserted with the help of an enable switch. Continue reading