Safety services with a global process standard

Verified Safety – Safe processes help to guarantee good quality

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How is the safety of machines and systems guaranteed? By using devices which are specially developed to provide protection against hazards in machines and systems. However, safety devices alone will not suffice: they also have to be used correctly. And not just when it comes to their configuration or programming. Safe operation is crucial at a much earlier stage: right at the start of the project. In order to guarantee safe and seamless processes, we need reliable sensors and systems. Even the quality assurance systems that accompany the development and implementation of safety concepts have to be reliable and transparent. Continue reading

Gas analyzers

TRANSIC100LP: The right nose for oxygen


Easy to install, low maintenance in operation, rapid order and delivery: measuring oxygen in process can be an extremely simple task. TRANSIC100LP from SICK is a robust transmitter which reliably measures O2 via laser spectrometry. This technology, which up until now has only been commonly deployed in high-tech analysis environments, is available for use in the field. Durable, attractively-priced and also employable in explosion areas. Continue reading