3D part localization by SICK

Quickly picking the box

PLB_Greifer_Teaser Video abspielen

When it comes to automation solutions, there are two wishes at the top of every company’s list: An increase in productivity and less strenuous work for the employees. Georg Fischer in Herzogenburg (Austria) has put both into practice – the versatile PLB robot guidance system from SICK facilitates a robot to overtake the heavy duty work, and thanks to the speed of PLB, also does this in a highly efficient manner. Identifying, gripping, picking – this is how fast and reliable bin-picking is done.   Continue reading

Position determination

Precise position determination of containers in cheese production


Storage containers used to transport cheese to and from Belgomilk’s new high-bay storage move on an oval track. Opting for this unique design instead of a roller conveyor served to avoid dust. One great challenge in this connection was localizing the containers. Using the OLM100 linear measurement sensor from SICK based on bar codes allows localizing all of the containers precisely, even in curves. Continue reading