Miniature photoelectric sensors monitor in- and out feed units

Innovative horizontal accumulator with W4 Inox in washdown-design

Polyketting W4 Inox

With the new horizontal accumulator the Netherlands based conveyor system manufacturer Polyketting is bringing about a miniature revolution in the industry. Now even bottles, other totes and packages with complex instable bottom structures can be accumulated without any problems. “The in- and out feed units do not only guide the products, but guarantee also that the process runs smoothly. As a result, the number of faults stays at zero,” says Commercial Director Henk-Jan Visser. SICK’s W4 Inox miniature photoelectric sensors are used to monitor these processes, as well as for other purposes. Continue reading

Industrial Communication

Optimizing packaging processes with IO-Link


Imagine a sensor that can let you know when something is about to malfunction: The IO-Link technology offers a diverse range of options for cost-effective, bidirectional communication between sensors and automation systems. The wrap-around packer from packaging specialist SOMIC is just one example of these systems. Through intelligent sensor and control technology, including with IO-Link sensors from SICK, the machine provides additional options for greater operating safety, packaging quality and output. Continue reading

explosion protection

Good advice right from the start: Solutions for potentially explosive areas

Explosion protection-SICK-Teaser_EN

Planners and operators must get to grips with explosion protection before establishing new systems or converting them. People and systems must never be placed at risk. Companies also need to provide evidence that explosion protection measures have been taken and the relevant standards have been observed – including in process gas measurement. In addition to standard-compliant globally applicable products and solutions for use in potentially explosive areas, SICK’s certified experts also offer advice and expertise. Continue reading