High degree of Automation vs. flexible production workflows


One of the major issues associated with Industry 4.0 is making workflows flexible and that includes closer interaction between humans and machines. Part of this current move toward more integrated working is a need for humans and machines to work together safely, and in view of this, functional safety will take today’s production systems one step closer to more flexibility. Human/robot collaboration (HRC) looks at how this can be achieved. Continue reading

Safety Solutions: Keeping automated guided vehicles and systems safely on the move

Heading towards the future

In many industries, automated guided vehicles and vehicle systems are making production and logistics processes more flexible. When these vehicles have to be controlled with greater efficiency and precision SICK has exactly the right sensor solutions – however complex they might be. They also meet every requirement when it comes to providing protection in line with standards, protect people against accidents, and help prevent collisions – which in turn keep goods and equipment protected.   Continue reading

Opto-electronic sensors for detection of transparent objects

Detecting with ‘(through)sight’ – automating with foresight

Transparent plastic packaging, bottles made of glass or PET, ampoules, pipettes, flat, tubular, and hollow glass, films for securing loads on pallets: In many manufacturing processes, automators must cope with transparent objects. In order that these objects are detected reliably, SICK has developed a special sensor portfolio for factory automation. It excels due to outstanding optical performance, intelligence in terms of evaluation technology, and automation-related flexibility. When detecting transparent objects, use of this portfolio allows solving varied tasks reliably and efficiently. Continue reading

Safety light curtains and photoelectric sensors

Market leader for cigar production facilities relies on SICK

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On the outskirts of the Dutch village of Duizel lie the administrative buildings and production halls of ATD Machinery B.V. It is here, in the buildings of the cigar manufacturer Royal Agio Cigars, that the machines which are supplied to cigar producers all over the world are built. The market leader for production facilities in the cigar industry relies on SICK as a partner “for the long run”. Continue reading

Better and faster packaging processes for foil rolls

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At its Apeldoorn site in the Netherlands, the Loparex Group – which operates around the world – manufactures top-quality foils for the medical, graphics, and composite materials markets, to name a few. To optimize its foil packaging processes,  made the decision to integrate the transport and packaging solution from Nedpack. The plant and machinery construction company based in Harderwijk in the Netherlands relies on SICK sensors in tasks involving detection, measuring, identification, and safety. Continue reading