Greenhouse gas measurement

Measuring rather than calculating: Efficient greenhouse gas measurement directly in the stack


Emissions trading requires facilities that generate greenhouse gases to take their own measurements and draw up reports concerning the volume of emissions that they produce. The EU directive that took effect at the beginning of 2013 saw the introduction of more stringent requirements when it comes to the accuracy of these measurements. The measurement uncertainty for high quantities of emissions must be below 2.5%. Vantaan Energia, an energy supplier based in Finland, has found a solution to this challenge thanks to the GHG-Control greenhouse gas measuring system by SICK. Continue reading

What can we do with all the green energy?

Power-to-gas storage technology: Almost ready for market

Ökostrom_teaser Video abspielen

Storing green power is a key milestone when it comes to the successful implementation of the energy transition. Converting it into hydrogen or synthetic natural gas is a concept that shows a great deal of promise and involves the stages of water electrolysis, methanation, and feeding the power into the natural gas grid. SICK’s involvement relates to gas analysis and the detection of gas flows and consumption rates. Continue reading


iF Product Design Award for FLOWSIC500


In early 2014 the international iF jury judged a total of 4,615 products, communication and packaging designs that had been submitted as entries for the renowned iF design award competition from 55 countries. Forty-nine design experts assessed the entries on the basis of various criteria, such as degree of innovation, material, and functionality. The ultrasonic flowmeter FLOWSIC500 from SICK impressed the jury with its exceptional design quality and was awarded with the iF product design award 2014. Continue reading

ultrasonic gas flow measuring devices

FLOWSIC600: Ultrasonic gas flow meter for natural gas and process gases


Every day natural gas flows in great quantities through pipelines or into storage facilities. Precise gas quantity measurement is of the utmost importance, as even very small measurement errors could result in substantial economic loss. Challenging ambient measurement conditions like moisture, ice, cold, heat and desert sand place great demands on the instruments in the field. This is why a gas flow meter is needed that is both accurate and reliable. The FLOWSIC600 gas flow meter from SICK achieves both of these goals. It is ideal for both natural gas custody transfer and the highly precise measurement of process gases in the chemical industry. Continue reading

Gas flow measuring devices

FLOWSIC500: The world’s first compact ultrasonic gas meter for natural gas distribution


Ultrasonic flow meters are so far advanced when it comes to custody transfer readings: ultra-modern technology for ultra-reliable measurements. The new compact FLOWSIC500 ultrasonic gas meter from SICK is specially designed for custody transfer natural gas flow readings, allowing highly precise calculations. It is just perfect for municipal utilities and industrial consumers. Continue reading