Mobile robots in production

Safety and more – SICK provides protection and navigation data for KUKA’s KMR iiwa


Industrial production in the future will see us working with assistants that are modular, versatile and, above all else, mobile. In KMR iiwa, KUKA Roboter GmbH has developed a fully automated, autonomous solution that combines the LBR iiwa lightweight robot and the OmniMove mobile platform. KUKA’s long-standing partnership with SICK has played an integral role in the process, thanks to safety laser scanners that provide both a protective function and navigational support in the KMR iiwa. This enables the worker to interact directly with the robot, which moves autonomously. No physical guards are required, making this system genuinely true to the spirit of creating sustainable flexibility in production. Continue reading

Mobile robot from MT ROBOT AG

Safety laser scanners guarantee flexible travel path monitoring


UNITR, manufactured by the Swiss company MT ROBOT AG, covers a whole range of applications including logistics, floor cleaning and quality assurance, through to safety and inspection tasks. S300 Professional safety laser scanners ensure that maneuverable vehicles can always move around without having a collision. Continue reading