When requirements and machine locations change

Modular safety system for automation solutions used in mobile machine tools


An adaptable machine concept that can be scaled up to meet changing requirements and, if necessary, converted to perform new tasks and installed in new locations – that is the philosophy behind the BFM automation system developed by Bachmann Engineering AG. The safety solution for the machines must be equally flexible and this is easily achieved with the SICK portfolio of safety products. Continue reading

Safety light curtains and photoelectric sensors

Market leader for cigar production facilities relies on SICK

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On the outskirts of the Dutch village of Duizel lie the administrative buildings and production halls of ATD Machinery B.V. It is here, in the buildings of the cigar manufacturer Royal Agio Cigars, that the machines which are supplied to cigar producers all over the world are built. The market leader for production facilities in the cigar industry relies on SICK as a partner “for the long run”. Continue reading