Intelligent measurement technology at every step of the process

Measurements for added quality


A consistently high level of quality among parts and components can only be guaranteed if you regularly check results with measurements. These thorough checks are carried out using a wide array of methods, for example outside of the process by removing sample parts and conducting a mechanical check or by using measurement tools that are integrated directly into the production process. This is precisely the area where optical measuring sensors can show off their strengths. Continue reading


Inductive sensors: Sensors that make perfect sense


SICK has been blazing a trail in the field of opto-electronics for decades and is currently the technological and market leader in many areas of industrial sensors. In recent years, SICK has transferred its sensor knowledge from the field of opto-electronics to inductive proximity sensors. Today, it offers a broad portfolio of products serving the needs of this specialist area. These sensors are in use worldwide,  for example in a pumped storage plant in China.   Continue reading

Opto-electronic protective devices

Sim-4-Safety: world’s first safety design allows monitoring of up to four protective fields simultaneously


Equipping adjacent machines with only one safety component is extremely economical. In the context of the Scanner Plus! campaign, SICK has adopted this approach as a mission, developing the Sim-4-Safety solution based on the S3000 laser scanner and the Flexi Soft safety controller. The result constitutes the world’s first safety design that allows monitoring of up to four protective fields simultaneously. Continue reading

Fluid sensors

Flexible up to the probe tip: LFP Cubic level sensor

Füllstandsensor LFP Cubic

The LFP Cubic TDR level sensor works according to the principle of guided radar and is used, among other things, in containers of water treatment and purification plants or in tanks for hydraulic oil. Featuring an analog signal and now four switching outputs, the LFP Cubic level sensor provides extended possibilities for continuous level measurement and point level detection of fluids from 200 up to 2000 millimeters. Continue reading