Opto-electronic sensors for detection of transparent objects

Detecting with ‘(through)sight’ – automating with foresight


Transparent plastic packaging, bottles made of glass or PET, ampoules, pipettes, flat, tubular, and hollow glass, films for securing loads on pallets: In many manufacturing processes, automators must cope with transparent objects. In order that these objects are detected reliably, SICK has developed a special sensor portfolio for factory automation. It excels due to outstanding optical performance, intelligence in terms of evaluation technology, and automation-related flexibility. When detecting transparent objects, use of this portfolio allows solving varied tasks reliably and efficiently. Continue reading

Photoelectric sensors

Round, short and economically unbeatable: New M18 cylindrical photoelectric sensor with extra short housing style


The new SICK product family of cylindrical photoelectric sensors is named GR18S. Its compact housing design and choice of axial or radial optics provide particularly space-saving solutions with wide sensing distances and ranges for detecting the presence and position of objects in handling, conveyor and warehousing systems and the packaging industry. Continue reading