Automated loading and unloading of trucks

Flexible loading system saves time at PepsiCo

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Where there used to be manned forklift trucks driving about loading truck trailers with boxes of chips, the new Joloda loading system pushes 42 pallets into an extra-long truck in one fully automated operation. Time saved: An entire 30 minutes. The new “Flat Floor Trailerskate Dock” flexible loading system is the result of close collaboration between Joloda, the loading specialist, PepsiCo, the food group, Kühne + Nagel, the logistics provider, and Heiwo, the truck manufacturer. Installed as standard: Sensor Intelligence from SICK.   Continue reading

Distance sensors in intralogistics

Positioning storage and retrieval devices accurate to a millimeter


With respect to long travel distances of aisle stackers in conjunction with safe speed monitoring, it is essential to ensure steady, fast, and above all, low-noise output of measured values to the controller. No problem for the DL100 Pro distance sensors which are used on the storage and retrieval devices at TGW Logistics Group. Continue reading

OD Mini: New short range distance sensor (displacement) for micrometer precise measurement


The OD Mini is the ideal sensor solution when the issues that matter apart from precise measuring of small distances or detecting position changes in the µm range include compact construction size, minimal weight, special user-friendliness, and a high level of ruggedness. In three measurement ranges between 10 and 150 mm, the sensor allows extremely accurate and yet fast measurement of distances or detection of workpiece or manufacturing tolerances. Continue reading