Company employees park comfortably

A company that builds a parking lot for its employees has different requirements for it than a public parking lot. The basic requirement in such cases is it can be used safely and comfortably by authorized persons. When you have more than 1100 parking spaces, short entry and exit times are a major factor. Siemens and Magnetic Autocontrol use SICK sensors to meet these requirements. Continue reading


Debris flow research in real-time: 2D laser scanners ensure safety in the Swiss Alps

Debris Flow Wallis

Every year in the Swiss Alps you can hear the sound of debris flows with thousands of tonnes of detritus rushing down into valleys, and towards endangered transportation routes and settlements. The Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research (WSL) uses SICK’s 2D laser scanners in order to facilitate research to determine when, where, and how debris flows occur. Continue reading