security 2D laser scanners

LMS14x: Even sees the grass grow


False alarms or alarms that don’t go off at all are unacceptable when it comes to protecting property or assets. The new LMS14x security 2D laser scanners provide optimum protection even in large open spaces. With a sensing range of 30 m – even when its targets are black – and a flexible field configuration, one LMS14x is enough to monitor an area practically the size of a soccer pitch. Regardless of whether it’s monitoring outdoor space in Qatar or Alaska, at high temperatures or in extreme colds, the LMS14x saves costs and ensures peace of mind. Continue reading


Security on the highest level


Comtrol Corporation, a long-standing business partner with SICK, has a number of applications for the LMS series and LD-LRS 2D laser scanners from SICK. Over the past 5 years, Comtrol has worked with integration partners to get the LMS certified to be used as an intrusion detection sensor for protecting nuclear power plants in North America. They also use the LMS for creating an IR barrier around newly built restaurants within the concourses at major airports in the USA. Continue reading