Company employees park comfortably

A company that builds a parking lot for its employees has different requirements for it than a public parking lot. The basic requirement in such cases is it can be used safely and comfortably by authorized persons. When you have more than 1100 parking spaces, short entry and exit times are a major factor. Siemens and Magnetic Autocontrol use SICK sensors to meet these requirements. Continue reading

Detection and ranging solutions

Getting the green light for greenhouse safety


The days when Combat, a company from the Dutch city of Venlo, concentrated solely on carwash facilities have long since passed. Over the years, company directors Gerard Kerstjens and John Teunissen have transferred their knowledge to the fields of mechanical engineering and systems planning. One of their recently completed projects is the development and completion of safety devices for the AGVs used by horticultural company West Plant Group in Venlo. What’s more, SICK’s 2D laser scanners played a prominent role in this project. Continue reading

Inspection of underground sewage systems

In the footsteps of the “Third Man”: 2D laser scanners go underground

Chasing the bad guy through Vienna’s sewer system in the famous 1949 movie “The Third Man” may have been a good plot then; today’s municipalities face a more subtle threat: the deterioration of aging sewage systems. The Canadian enterprise AquaCoustic Inc. uses SICK’s LMS111 outdoor 2D laser scanners to check sewers for damage and to map infrastructures built long before the digital age. Continue reading