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Innovations since 1968: laser scanners from SICK

Scanner technology from SICK

Whether it’s the Watchman, Optotrap OTD or PLS – SICK represents innovation in laser scanner development. SICK has been working in the field of laser scanners for nearly 40 years and recognized early that using laser beams to perform monitoring and measuring tasks leads to enormous productivity gains. That’s why SICK has invested significant amounts in laser measurement technology, in both new technologies and product innovations alike. Continue reading

Automated parking systems

Skyline Parking: fully automated vehicle parking and retrieval within one minute

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With the construction of the most advanced car tower in Switzerland, the Züri West car dealership in Schlieren can now offer its customers a very special shopping experience. At the press of a button, the vehicles appear in the showroom within a single minute, are delivered when purchased and are always shiny and clean thanks to the integrated washing facility. The centerpiece is a fully automated robotic lift, equipped with sensors from SICK. Continue reading

Port safety

Anti-collision systems ensure fail-safe operation of container terminals at DP World

Container terminals operate on a 24/7 basis, so the demand on availability is extremely high. Collisions involving the boom of ship-to-shore cranes and ships pose the greatest risk in daily operations. In order to offer its customers uninterrupted operations DP World, one of the leading container handling company, has decided to equip the expansion of its Jebel Ali facility in Dubai with anti-collision systems from SICK. Continue reading

volume flow measuring | laser scanners

Bulkscan® LMS511 optimizes brown coal extraction at RWE Power in Inden

Volumenstrommessung mit Bulkscan LMS511

Inden is the third strip mining site in the Rhineland brown coal mining district after Garzweiler and Hambach. The mining field is approximately 4,500 hectares in size. Its coal seams are up to 45 m thick and lie as far as 230 m beneath the earth’s surface. Bulkscan® LMS511 laser volume flowmeter measures the bulk material on the conveyor belts and so  varies the slew speed of the bucket-wheel excavator. Continue reading

protecting | position determination

ALMA project: How laser scanners from SICK help to explore the universe

ALMA © ESO/Pascal Martinez

ALMA stands for “Atacama Large Millimeter/Submillimeter Array”, a terrestrial space observatory in the Chilean Atacama desert, more than 5000 meter above sea level. It consists of about 66 individual radio telescopes which can be moved and connected in series whereupon the world’s largest array of antennas occurs which is able to expand into the most remote, coldest and, to the human eye, darkest regions of the universe. LMS outdoor 2D laser scanners from SICK assist with the positioning of the vehicles in picking up and setting down the radio telescopes and preventing collisions within and around the vehicles. (Picture © ESO/Pascal Martinez) Continue reading