LFP Inox: Reliable in the Food Industry

High demands placed on level measurement in dairies

The Gropper dairy has been a partner of customers and suppliers alike for more than 80 years. The dairy has become the specialist for brands and now supplies almost every national as well as international trading company. The milk processing is a challenge for the sensor technology. Because of this, the company relies on the level sensor LFP from SICK. Continue reading

Exact level measurement in heavily foaming media with LFP Inox

Level measurement in breweries and diaries

Level sensor LFP Inox Video abspielen

Exact level measurement in heavily foaming media – no problem for the LFP Inox level sensor. The measuring principle of guided radar provides for utmost reliability; the hygiene-level design of the sensor opens up a great variety of possible uses in the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries. Continue reading