LFP Inox: Reliable in the Food Industry

High demands placed on level measurement in dairies

The Gropper dairy has been a partner of customers and suppliers alike for more than 80 years. The dairy has become the specialist for brands and now supplies almost every national as well as international trading company. The milk processing is a challenge for the sensor technology. Because of this, the company relies on the level sensor LFP from SICK. Continue reading

Checking process measurement technology

New laboratory improves testing conditions

When it comes to process monitoring, customers from the machine tool, automotive, food and beverage, or the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries, for example, expect level sensors to measure reliably and precisely. SICK products not only work with a wide range of media, but also record the respective measurand as universally and independently of environmental conditions as possible. But how are process measurement technology solutions themselves actually checked before they are used by the users? Continue reading

Fluid sensors

Bottling of olive oil made easy

Where previously you had to pour olive oil into containers by hand, you can now use complete pumping and bottling systems. One of these systems has been developed by FoodTech BV, a machine and system manufacturer and parts supplier from the Netherlands. Level sensors and pressure sensors from SICK ensure that the bottling system runs smoothly. Continue reading

Water protection

Fighting water contamination effectively


In industrial systems or chemical parks, organic substances can enter these wage systems or surface water during filling processes or repairs. To prevent this, waste water must be reliably inspected for contamination before it enters rivers or seas. How does it work? Continue reading

Electroplating facility at Varioprint AG

Level measurement for bubbling, spattering media

52 dip tanks with 80 approach positions fed by three automatic carriages. That’s exactly what printed circuit board specialist Varioprint AG based in Heiden, Switzerland, has been benefitting from in recent months thanks to its new, ultramodern electroplating facility. What’s more, the fully automated concept boasts two perfectly integrated key features: UP56 ultrasonic level sensors for level measurement and C4000 safety light curtains for area protection. Continue reading