Vision technology for Track and Trace Systems

Reliable Technology for Tracking Flight Baggage

Rising passenger figures are a major challenge for airlines, ground handlers, and baggage handling system operators. After all, more passengers also means more baggage which has to be logged, sorted, and traced. If the right track and trace systems and suitable identification technology are employed, operators can achieve reliable identification and, as a result, high throughput. Continue reading

Lector code analytics detects poor print quality in good time

Preventing the effects of process errors

Reading codes on packaging and secondary packaging is an essential part of intralogistics and distribution processes. If a code is hard or even impossible to read, this will result in disruptions to the production process or downtime in sub-processes in the supply chain. To stop process errors causing poor print quality in the codes, SICK offers customers an intelligent solution: Thanks to the Lector Code Analytics function, process errors can be detected in good time so that their negative effects can be prevented in advance. Continue reading

Batch size 1: The code sets the machine

Ideas grow with sensor technology

In the last few years, the furniture manufacturing industry has started to move away from largely supply-oriented toward demand- oriented production. This presents two challenges to manufacturers of woodworking machines: the need for automated batch-size-1 production for large quantities, and therefore high variance in large quantities, as well as batch-size-1 production for high variance in medium to small quantities. Continue reading

Lector65x System

The perfect combination of benefits in a single system

Modern logistics processes are a force to be reckoned with: They can handle around 200,000 parcels an hour at one single reloading point. But they are also extremely demanding: They need increased safety for sorting, increased safety for identifying, and increased safety for classifying products. To prevent blockages in the parcel stream, companies have to know how to handle this flow and adapt it. So that warehouse management processes can run smoothly at all times, every single inbound and outbound product has to be recorded correctly. Sensors for identifying objects and measuring volumes are key to ensuring that data in the material flow is reliable. Sensor systems for identifying objects, measuring volumes, and weighing items set a new standard when it comes to flexibility in the logistics industry. Continue reading

Vision portfolio

Machine Vision from SICK: Expertise since 1985

The machine vision specialist, IVP AB, was founded more than 25 years ago in the university city of Linköping in southern Sweden as an offshoot of the university there. Since then, the company has been working with machine vision, thereby creating the foundation for SICK AG’s current Vision range. Continue reading