Inspection of underground sewage systems

In the footsteps of the “Third Man”: 2D laser scanners go underground

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Chasing the bad guy through Vienna’s sewer system in the famous 1949 movie “The Third Man” may have been a good plot then; today’s municipalities face a more subtle threat: the deterioration of aging sewage systems. The Canadian enterprise AquaCoustic Inc. uses SICK’s LMS111 outdoor 2D laser scanners to check sewers for damage and to map infrastructures built long before the digital age. Continue reading

Scanner portfolio

Innovations since 1968: laser scanners from SICK

Scanner technology from SICK

Whether it’s the Watchman, Optotrap OTD or PLS – SICK represents innovation in laser scanner development. SICK has been working in the field of laser scanners for nearly 40 years and recognized early that using laser beams to perform monitoring and measuring tasks leads to enormous productivity gains. That’s why SICK has invested significant amounts in laser measurement technology, in both new technologies and product innovations alike. Continue reading

Automated parking systems

Skyline Parking: fully automated vehicle parking and retrieval within one minute

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With the construction of the most advanced car tower in Switzerland, the Züri West car dealership in Schlieren can now offer its customers a very special shopping experience. At the press of a button, the vehicles appear in the showroom within a single minute, are delivered when purchased and are always shiny and clean thanks to the integrated washing facility. The centerpiece is a fully automated robotic lift, equipped with sensors from SICK. Continue reading

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Laser scanners warn about rockfalls and debris avalanches on the tracks of the chinese railroad network

Chinese Railroad Network LMS1xx SICK

The Chinese railroad network carries an average of 42 million passengers every year, making it the world’s busiest transportation service. In the past, rockfalls and debris avalanches falling onto the tracks presented a significant danger for train personnel and passengers. Today, LMS111 2D laser scanners reliably monitor the tracks – especially at tunnel exits and on bends – and issue an alert if the tracks are covered by debris. Continue reading