Flexible design and high troughput in a single system

Marriage of Transponder

An increasing number of digital solutions are also being used in the fashion and clothing industries. The opportunities range from labeling products and presentations in stores all the way through to interaction with the online shop. As announced as part of its current reorientation strategy (known as “FIT- 4GROWTH”), the GERRY WEBER group will be placing more focus on the issue of digitalization in future and making the most of the potential in omni-channel retail. Continue reading

Configurable stand-alone vision sensor for 3D inspections

TriSpector: 3D image processing, intuitive operation

Powerful technology, easy commissioning, intuitive operation: With the TriSpector1000, the benefits of 3D vision really are at your fingertips. Integrated image analysis makes configuration easy. And the TriSpector1000 literally has a mind of its own. Integrated data processing power lets it easily find, count and position objects, measure volume and object rotation, and acquire intensity data for label detection. Continue reading


KTM miniature contrast sensors for subtle distinction and speedy format changes


Cutting, punching, and aligning – the KTM product family in the Prime and Core models offers tailor-made solutions for print mark detection and controlling of packaging processes, such as, e.g., positioning of boxes, cans, tubes, labels, or blank forms. Space-saving housings, refined gray-scale resolution, improved stability against surface shine, easy-to-use operating design, and IO-Link are the highlights of the new KTM contrast sensors from SICK. Continue reading