LD-MRS for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

3D LiDAR sensor detects the penguin even in its black tails

The darker the object, the harder it is to detect as the distance increases. But penguins in the Antarctic can now keep their black tailcoats on when a drone hovers overhead and the integrated laser scanner registers them. For researchers and scientists who map and count penguin colonies in order to collect urgently required information about the effects of global climate change, the combination of a laser scanner and flying robotics is a new technology that certainly receives a warm welcome. Continue reading

Innovative sealing technology for the food and beverage industry

No more leaking cables

The requirements for systems and their components are extremely high in the food and beverage industry. Seal tightness, vibration protection, and material resistance against aggressive cleaning agents and methods must be guaranteed. SICK offers new F&B M12 PVC connecting cables, which excel thanks to innovative sealing technology and fulfill all requirements.   Continue reading

Exact level measurement in heavily foaming media with LFP Inox

Level measurement in breweries and diaries

Level sensor LFP Inox Video abspielen

Exact level measurement in heavily foaming media – no problem for the LFP Inox level sensor. The measuring principle of guided radar provides for utmost reliability; the hygiene-level design of the sensor opens up a great variety of possible uses in the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries. Continue reading