Greater efficiency with intelligent sensors

Sustainable production: A high standard that drives innovations

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SICK doesn’t just offer products – it also offers the expertise and high standards required for these products to make a valuable contribution to protecting the environment on a worldwide scale. In this respect, it’s the countless little ideas and developments that arise from working closely with customers to come up with solutions in different applications that really make a difference. These innovations show the many possibilities offered by sensors in production processes alone when it comes to sustainability. Continue reading

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BouMatic milking robots with sensors from SICK: “the cows can decide for themselves when they want to be milked”

BouMatic Melkroboter

There is not a farmer in sight in the Van Aart family’s barn. Yet the cows are still standing in line to be milked. Ever since the two MR-S1 milking robots arrived from BouMatic Robotics in Emmeloord, the cows can be milked whenever they like. And the farmer? He pops in twice a day to refill the feed or clean the robots, for example, but otherwise this part of the farm runs without him having to do anything. SICK sensors are keeping an eye on things.   Continue reading

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Fast and precise detection of control marks: Register sensor RS25 with real-time Ethernet POWERLINK fieldbus

Register-Sensor RS25

Register sensors such as the RS25 from SICK are capable of detecting control marks printed on paper webs at full production speed. If a sensor detects that the colors do not line up exactly on top of one another, whether lengthwise or sideways, this information is used for automatically correcting printouts, for example. ATEX approval means that the RS25 is suitable for use explosion areas. And with the real-time Ethernet POWERLINK fieldbus the new RS25 register sensor is incredibly fast and precise. Continue reading


KTM miniature contrast sensors for subtle distinction and speedy format changes


Cutting, punching, and aligning – the KTM product family in the Prime and Core models offers tailor-made solutions for print mark detection and controlling of packaging processes, such as, e.g., positioning of boxes, cans, tubes, labels, or blank forms. Space-saving housings, refined gray-scale resolution, improved stability against surface shine, easy-to-use operating design, and IO-Link are the highlights of the new KTM contrast sensors from SICK. Continue reading