S3000 Anti Collision with a sensing range up to 15 Meter at Jungheinrich

Now made possible: More vehicles in narrow aisles

Narrow isle

In mobile applications, the S3000 Anti Collision safety laser scanner offers by far the largest sensing range for a field where safety is key: 15 meters. Working closely with Jungheinrich, SICK has developed a solution to provide efficient protection for narrow aisle trucks. Thanks to this new solution, two or more industrial trucks can now be used in one narrow aisle for the first time ever. It forms the ideal basis for improving throughput and flexibility while still ensuring maximum safety. Continue reading

Navigation scanners

Automated guidance made easy


Automated guided vehicles (AGVs) are used for moving materials and equipment, and operate without a driver on board. Using an automatic control system, they supply product lines and transport goods between different production areas. The Brazilian AGV specialist SINOVA opted for navigation scanners from SICK with which e.g the route of the vehicles can be changed easily and flexibly. Continue reading

Opto-electronic protective devices

Sim-4-Safety: world’s first safety design allows monitoring of up to four protective fields simultaneously


Equipping adjacent machines with only one safety component is extremely economical. In the context of the Scanner Plus! campaign, SICK has adopted this approach as a mission, developing the Sim-4-Safety solution based on the S3000 laser scanner and the Flexi Soft safety controller. The result constitutes the world’s first safety design that allows monitoring of up to four protective fields simultaneously. Continue reading