Determining the positions of scenery parts

SICK helps Billy Elliot take flight

Dutch production company Stage Entertainment continues its successful series, earning three musical prizes for “Billy Elliot – The Musical”. Silicon Theatre Scenery (STS), based in De Kwakel, Netherlands and the company put in charge of the theater equipment, also contributed to this success. The showpiece of STS is called “Hempy”. “This is the machine that allows Billy Elliot to fly while dancing. Encoders and motor feedback systems from SICK determine, check and monitor the position of all the scenery parts and lifting/lowering equipment. Continue reading

Wind power plants and solar parks

How we can exploit renewable energy as effectively as possible?


Wind power plants and solar parks are now an integral part of a sustainable energy management strategy. The wind and the sun are reliable sources of energy. Sensors from SICK play a role in ensuring that wind power plants and solar parks work efficiently – also under very challenging climatic conditions. Continue reading