The IMB inductive proximity sensor defies all obstacles

Master of extremes


Agricultural machines are exposed to extreme situations which require a high degree of ruggedness to withstand. Only the tough – and the giving – prevail. IMB inductive proximity sensors make a major contribution to this. With a rugged stainless-steel housing, special seals, the latest ASIC technology from SICK, and the wide temperature range unique to the market, they ensure process stability, even under very difficult conditions – and cover a wide variety of applications while doing so.   Continue reading

Wind power plants and solar parks

How we can exploit renewable energy as effectively as possible?


Wind power plants and solar parks are now an integral part of a sustainable energy management strategy. The wind and the sun are reliable sources of energy. Sensors from SICK play a role in ensuring that wind power plants and solar parks work efficiently – also under very challenging climatic conditions. Continue reading