Verification of production plan data by reading out QR codes

Non-stop ice cream on a stick

Teaser_Magnum Video abspielen

A sensory check can mean two things in the context of ice cream. Namely, the sensual experience of the chocolate coating cracking as you bite into it, followed by the explosion of flavors. Or it can refer to the quality check carried out by sensors in the manufacturing and packaging process. On the type HK 4 horizontal cartoner of Dienst Verpackungstechnik GmbH, the latter is undertaken by equipment including image-based code readers and vision sensors from SICK. Continue reading

Fully Automated Position and Assembly Control

Sensor and camera technology from SICK in use at Ford

Verschraubung Airbag-Modul_klein_überarbeitet

SICK supplies image-based code readers and vision sensors for fully automated position and assembly control as well as for visual guidance of robots. This equipment features in a system for screwing airbag modules and tailgate strikers into place by RESA Systems, which is used by the automotive manufacturer Ford at its plant in Cologne, Germany. Continue reading

Packaging machines for tea bags

This is how tea should taste


Tea with a pure, natural taste: That is every tea drinker’s dream. And now, thanks to the Italian company TEAMAC, that dream can become reality. The machine manufacturer provides environmentally friendly packaging solutions for tea, which preserve the natural, unadulterated flavor of the beverage. All of the sensor technology in the packaging machines is supplied by SICK. Continue reading

Virtual reality classic route

Iedereen Flandrien classic cycling route retraced with home trainer

Iedereen Flandrien

Imagine traveling down one of the major classic routes on the bicycle owned by Belgian legend Albéric “Briek” Schotte – the ledereen Flandrien expo will make this dream a reality for cycling fanatics. Visitors can even compete against one another and give it their all on virtual reality trainers at six different stations. But who will win? RFID technology from SICK will determine the victor. Continue reading