HIPERFACE DSL® for premo servo actuators from Wittenstein Motion control

Free access to diagnostic data


The continuous condition monitoring of electrical drives is growing in prominence. This is because the purely digital HIPERFACE DSL® interface makes it possible to provide status data such as the temperature of servo actuators in a format which can be evaluated by control technology. The fully scalable premo servo actuator platform from WITTENSTEIN motion control GmbH, located at Igersheim, Germany, not only uses the future potential of HIPERFACE DSL®, but also benefits from numerous design and safety advantages. Continue reading




Nowadays, machine and plant operators are faced with a challenging task: creating flexible production workflows with a high Level of automation while at the same time ensuring that people, machines, and plants stay protected. As one of the technology and market leaders in industrial safety technology, SICK is a one-stop shop providing a comprehensive range of safety solutions. Its safe motion monitoring system, Safe Motion Control, includes innovative safety concepts that have been developed for safe Monitoring of drives and machine motions. This makes it possible to increase the availability and efficiency of machines while offering a high degree of safety. Continue reading

Greater efficiency with intelligent sensors

Sustainable production: A high standard that drives innovations

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SICK doesn’t just offer products – it also offers the expertise and high standards required for these products to make a valuable contribution to protecting the environment on a worldwide scale. In this respect, it’s the countless little ideas and developments that arise from working closely with customers to come up with solutions in different applications that really make a difference. These innovations show the many possibilities offered by sensors in production processes alone when it comes to sustainability. Continue reading

Perfectly networked

Omni fieldbus concept for integrating encoders into diverse networks


When it comes to integrating sensors into industrial fieldbuses, every industry has its own individual requirements. This is why there are more than two dozen industrial communication systems available today across a diverse range of machines and systems, and this is something that intelligent sensor manufacturers cannot ignore. With its “omni fieldbus concept” for encoders SICK is well-equipped for all integration options. Continue reading

Motor feedback systems

HIPERFACE DSL® – motor feedback purely digital for the first time


Motor-controller communication in electric drive technology is at the verge of a digital evolution. The new HIPERFACE DSL® interface (DSL stands for Digital Servo Link) saves costs, offering at the same time a maximum degree of security of investment and machine safety. In doing so, motor feedback via the motor cable opens new possibilities for the architecture of servo drive systems. Continue reading