Opto-electronic protective devices

Sim-4-Safety: world’s first safety design allows monitoring of up to four protective fields simultaneously


Equipping adjacent machines with only one safety component is extremely economical. In the context of the Scanner Plus! campaign, SICK has adopted this approach as a mission, developing the Sim-4-Safety solution based on the S3000 laser scanner and the Flexi Soft safety controller. The result constitutes the world’s first safety design that allows monitoring of up to four protective fields simultaneously. Continue reading


Safe speed monitoring for handling robots

HAP HelpRobot

HAP’s HelpRobot is a mobile and flexible robotics solution for handling tasks in the semiconductor industry. This robot, from Dresden located HAP GmbH, is being used at Infineon Technologies in Dresden. Depending on whether persons are present in the area around the robot, the HelpRobot is at a standstill or moving at creep speed or at the maximum speed of 400 mm/s, equipped with safe speed monitoring solutions from SICK. Continue reading