The FLOWSIC500 ultrasonic gas flow meter from SICK

Innovation in natural gas distribution

Being a reliable and proficient partner to the oil and gas industry, SICK has revolutionized the natural gas distribution in the last four years. Before the market launch of the FLOWSIC500 in 2012 it was mainly conventional technologies that were put to use by public utilities and large-scale industrial consumers such as rotary piston and turbine gas meters. Several thousand SICK FLOWSIC500 devices have so far been put to use around the world for natural gas measurement by users hailing from a variety of industries – with success and high customer satisfaction. Continue reading

SICK Ultrasonic gas flow meters FLOWSIC600-XT

Ultrasonic gas flow meters in a permanent series connection

The promise was made, and we kept it: For the first time, SICK installed two ultrasonic gas flow meters from SICK in a permanent series connection for a German power supply company. Additionally, the gas flow meters have been installed with non-time limited period of validity of verification in accordance with the German directive TR-G 18.   Continue reading

Modernization of gas terminal for distribution

SICK Metering Systems steps on the gas

Ultrasonic technology is particularly attractive for custody transfer flow measurements when it comes to invoicing for gas levels, and also for measuring flare gas. With its individual components and entire system solutions for use in measuring stations across the oil and gas industry, SICK’s measuring technology is really convincing as the best solution. In fact, advanced system projects are what SICK Metering Systems does best. The joint venture carried out one of these projects successfully in partnership with German SICK Vertriebs-GmbH at a major European gas supplier’s gas terminal in East Frisia, Germany. Continue reading

Optimizing manufacturing processes

Steel industry: Melting costs, protecting the environment

When it comes to achieving climate protection objectives or making fundamental improvements to our operational performance, there are many aspects to analyze and evaluate. The approaches to this are particularly wide-ranging within the manufacturing industry, e.g. the steel industry. It’s not simply a question of reducing emissions. The efficient use of energy, materials and substances, water consumption, increasing waste and wastewater, and stresses on the ground all provide scope for economic opportunities. SICK’s intelligent sensors provide support at various measuring points in a wide range of production processes. Continue reading