Measurement Technology that's on your side

New master plan for mercury emissions from large combustion plants


The impending updates to the BREF documents have indicated that mercury emissions from large combustion plants will soon have to be reduced dramatically. However, a reliable measurement solution is already ready and waiting with a certified measuring range from 0 to 10 μg/m³ of mercury. The MERCEM300Z by SICK. Continue reading

Greenhouse gas measurement

Measuring rather than calculating: Efficient greenhouse gas measurement directly in the stack


Emissions trading requires facilities that generate greenhouse gases to take their own measurements and draw up reports concerning the volume of emissions that they produce. The EU directive that took effect at the beginning of 2013 saw the introduction of more stringent requirements when it comes to the accuracy of these measurements. The measurement uncertainty for high quantities of emissions must be below 2.5%. Vantaan Energia, an energy supplier based in Finland, has found a solution to this challenge thanks to the GHG-Control greenhouse gas measuring system by SICK. Continue reading

Using CO2 “green” products

Cutting emissions: there is another way


The energy revolution has also brought to light the fact that carbon dioxide is only a bad thing when it is released into the air. If, however, CO2 is captured and stored, it could make a significant contribution to reducing CO2 and generating “green” products. Carbon dioxide is the key ingredient in the power-to-gas concept, for example. This technology involves storing renewable energy in the form of synthetic methane gas to provide a combined solution that both reduces CO2 and allows problematic green power surpluses to be stored. What’s more, CO2 forms part of the process for producing plastics which are free of petroleum. Continue reading

Gas analyzers

TRANSIC100LP now measures oxygen ATEX-compliant


Measuring the oxygen in the process can be quite simple. The TRANSIC100LP from SICK is the rugged transmitter that uses Tunable Diode Laser Spectroscopy (TDLS) to measure O2 reliably. A technology more common in the world of high-tech analysis, is now being used in a field instrument: at an attractive price, easy installation, a long life, low maintenance and now suitable for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. Continue reading

Gas analyzers | explosion protection

Explosion protection: FID gas warning device from SICK is the only one which meets the latest standard

Gaswarngerät EuroFID3010

Solvents are used e.g. in paint shops and coating lines and being disposed in exhaust air decontamination systems. This process creates gas mixtures, the concentration of which must be analyzed to prevent them from becoming dangerous. The EuroFID3010 total hydrocarbon gas analyzer measures within seconds the low explosion level (LEL) of solvents and air/gas mixtures and is the only FID gas warning device which takes measurements in accordance with the latest EN 50271 standard. Continue reading