Security on the highest level


Comtrol Corporation, a long-standing business partner with SICK, has a number of applications for the LMS series and LD-LRS 2D laser scanners from SICK. Over the past 5 years, Comtrol has worked with integration partners to get the LMS certified to be used as an intrusion detection sensor for protecting nuclear power plants in North America. They also use the LMS for creating an IR barrier around newly built restaurants within the concourses at major airports in the USA. Continue reading


Speedy changeovers and quick product swaps


The customer of today expects to be able to order a product that meets his exact needs and wishes. He mixes his own muesli. He picks his favorite chocolates for his chocolate box. He designs his own label for his champagne. He wants shoes that fit his feet exactly, in his favorite material and color. All of these options will affect the packaging process.    Continue reading

Fluid sensors

Bottling of olive oil made easy

Where previously you had to pour olive oil into containers by hand, you can now use complete pumping and bottling systems. One of these systems has been developed by FoodTech BV, a machine and system manufacturer and parts supplier from the Netherlands. Level sensors and pressure sensors from SICK ensure that the bottling system runs smoothly. Continue reading

Miniature photoelectric sensors monitor in- and out feed units

Innovative horizontal accumulator with W4 Inox in washdown-design

Polyketting W4 Inox

With the new horizontal accumulator the Netherlands based conveyor system manufacturer Polyketting is bringing about a miniature revolution in the industry. Now even bottles, other totes and packages with complex instable bottom structures can be accumulated without any problems. “The in- and out feed units do not only guide the products, but guarantee also that the process runs smoothly. As a result, the number of faults stays at zero,” says Commercial Director Henk-Jan Visser. SICK’s W4 Inox miniature photoelectric sensors are used to monitor these processes, as well as for other purposes. Continue reading

vision sensors | monitoring and controlling


Vision-Sensor Inspector Food

Over the past few years, the number of people suffering from food allergies has risen significantly. To ensure that every pack really does have on the inside what it states on the outside, vision sensors from SICK’s Inspector product family visually inspect every product that leaves the belt at Crop’s in Belgium. The frozen food manufacturer is therefore able to guarantee that consumers with particular food allergies will always have access to the right information. Continue reading