Scanner portfolio

Innovations since 1968: laser scanners from SICK

Scanner technology from SICK

Whether it’s the Watchman, Optotrap OTD or PLS – SICK represents innovation in laser scanner development. SICK has been working in the field of laser scanners for nearly 40 years and recognized early that using laser beams to perform monitoring and measuring tasks leads to enormous productivity gains. That’s why SICK has invested significant amounts in laser measurement technology, in both new technologies and product innovations alike. Continue reading

Vision portfolio

Machine Vision from SICK: Expertise since 1985

The machine vision specialist, IVP AB, was founded more than 25 years ago in the university city of Linköping in southern Sweden as an offshoot of the university there. Since then, the company has been working with machine vision, thereby creating the foundation for SICK AG’s current Vision range. Continue reading

Identification | Auto ident | IDpro

Camera, scanner and RFID technology: Finding the ideal auto ident solution with SICK


From laser-based bar code scanners and high-end solutions with 2D cameras to RFID technology: SICK is synonymous with years of know-how and experience in all automatic identification technologies. This means that SICK is also able to provide comprehensive consulting services to help customers choose the right technology at the earliest possible stage – implementing the ideal solution to meet all requirements and achieve the optimal cost/benefit ratio.  Continue reading