explosion protection

Good advice right from the start: Solutions for potentially explosive areas

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Planners and operators must get to grips with explosion protection before establishing new systems or converting them. People and systems must never be placed at risk. Companies also need to provide evidence that explosion protection measures have been taken and the relevant standards have been observed – including in process gas measurement. In addition to standard-compliant globally applicable products and solutions for use in potentially explosive areas, SICK’s certified experts also offer advice and expertise. Continue reading

Building security

Building safety and security: Effective solutions for protecting buildings, property, and material assets


When public and industrial buildings or private houses need to be secured against intrusions, jailbreak, theft, vandalism or terrorism, structural measures or protection by security guards often has its limits. Making additional use of electric or electronic protective devices is, therefore, a sensible idea. SICK provides a  diverse range of effective solutions for protecting buildings, property, and  material assets. Continue reading