Moving rapidly from pattern detection to precise position identification

Greater flexibility with the pattern sensor

The PS30 pattern sensor, with its enormous flexibility, responds to trends in the packaging industry toward ever more complex and unusual labels. Offering unrestricted design freedom, the PS30 impresses not only when used on endless tracks – it also delivers outstanding results when detecting patterns on individual objects. The sensor detects and positions labels and any objects with a distinctive pattern reliably without print marks. Even without this unwanted design factor, the PS30 knows when an endless track needs to be cut into the roll-fed labeling or whether a package or tube is in the right position for sealing. Continue reading

SICK demonstrates the uses of sensor data in business processes at the Hannover Messe 2016 trade fair

More data = greater efficiency?

Integrated solutions based on Industry 4.0 are at the heart of SICK’s presentation at the Hannover Messe 2016 trade fair, with typical production applications presented in four different exhibits. SICK demonstrates how the intelligent use of sensor data is already boosting flexibility and productivity today. The data is also aggregated in a cloud in a live demonstration, while various web services show the possibilities of fully integrated solutions online. Continue reading

Easing the burden on machine controllers, boosting productivity

Start benefitting from the advantages of Sensor Intelligence. today.


The Industrial Internet is only made possible thanks to intelligent, communicative sensors: With its Smart Sensor Solutions, SICK places great emphasis on the use of state-of-the-art sensor technologies in connection with complete integration into the control level via IO-Link. Particular attention in this regard is placed on the decentralization of certain automation functions into the sensor, both to ease the burden on the control and increase machine productivity. Continue reading

Data based services

Web-based remote maintenance with Remote Services from SICK

The control station of a coal-fired power plant receives an alarm signal. A gas analyzer is supposed to keep harmful emissions to a minimum, although this clearly doesn’t seem possible at this very moment. The problem has to be rectified quickly – not only to avoid wasting valuable resources, but also to prevent the facility from being shut down due to official requirements. Thanks to web-based remote maintenance via Remote Services from SICK the device parameters in Brasil can be set in Germany and the facility runs. Continue reading

Networked production processes

RFID@Bosch: virtualization of physical flow of goods

On the path to establishing networked production processes, the focus up to now has been on optimizing physical production and logistics processes. Thanks to the latest IT technologies, it is now possible to represent these processes and goods flows virtually. With the help of RFID technology, the status data for products or transport containers is recorded automatically at Bosch. The data exchange takes place in real time and extends beyond company boundaries to facilitate end-to-end optimization of production and supply networks. Continue reading