Safety Solutions: Keeping automated guided vehicles and systems safely on the move

Heading towards the future

In many industries, automated guided vehicles and vehicle systems are making production and logistics processes more flexible. When these vehicles have to be controlled with greater efficiency and precision SICK has exactly the right sensor solutions – however complex they might be. They also meet every requirement when it comes to providing protection in line with standards, protect people against accidents, and help prevent collisions – which in turn keep goods and equipment protected.   Continue reading

3D content verification

Packaging identification with ConVer: So that everything is where it should be

Half way through the assembly of your new furniture, you can’t find the next part. You realize that the part is missing and was not delivered in the box, and thus you cannot finalize and start using your furniture. Situations like this are a real headache for customers and manufacturers alike. So to ensure product quality and customer satisfaction, it is absolutely essential to have end-of-line monitoring processes in place such as a thorough check on whether packages contain everything that they’re supposed to. The ConVer system from SICK allows you to optimize these checks to suit your needs, making expensive complaints for incomplete products a thing of the past. Continue reading

Automated loading and unloading of trucks

Flexible loading system saves time at PepsiCo

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Where there used to be manned forklift trucks driving about loading truck trailers with boxes of chips, the new Joloda loading system pushes 42 pallets into an extra-long truck in one fully automated operation. Time saved: An entire 30 minutes. The new “Flat Floor Trailerskate Dock” flexible loading system is the result of close collaboration between Joloda, the loading specialist, PepsiCo, the food group, Kühne + Nagel, the logistics provider, and Heiwo, the truck manufacturer. Installed as standard: Sensor Intelligence from SICK.   Continue reading

Value Added Services

More service for your order

Place an order with us and choose exactly how we deliver it to you. Do you struggle with complicated goods receipt processes, and waste time unpacking, labeling and re-labeling? Well now you do not have to! When it comes to SICK sensor technology, ordered products are grouped together, labeled, and packed in a way that enables our customers either to further process them directly, or to forward shipments on within Europe, without having to unpack them. Continue reading