tailored safety for more flexibility

the smallest common denominator – global emergency stop


Icelandic company Marel is the world’s leading provider of advanced food processing solutions for the fish, meat, and poultry industries. These solutions are provided in the form of modern equipment, systems, and services. From individual system modules through complex processing lines and beyond to portions packaged ready for consumption by end customers, the company supports every aspect of advanced food processing. Marel requires its production lines to deliver flexibility and modularity. System operators need to be able to replace individual machine modules, integrate new modules into the overall plant, and combine modules in new ways. However, this must be achieved without having to invest huge amounts of time and money in wiring or programming in order to ensure the safe and secure networking of machine modules. Continue reading

sens:Control – safe control solutions

Man-machine-interaction: Safe drive monitoring with the Drive Monitor

Drive Monitor

As the trend towards ever more powerful machines continues, ways of protecting them are also in need of constant development. Safe movement monitoring helps to keep risks to a minimum, as it not only enables mobile applications such as automated guided systems to be made more efficient, but even stationary applications, too. As part of the “Motion Control” range, SICK offers safety products that monitor the safety of machine movements. The latest member of this product family is the new drive monitor module, which offers even more flexible, high-performance drive monitoring that allows the operator to reach into the machine at reduced risk without having to switch it off. Continue reading

Opto-electronic protective devices

Sim-4-Safety: world’s first safety design allows monitoring of up to four protective fields simultaneously


Equipping adjacent machines with only one safety component is extremely economical. In the context of the Scanner Plus! campaign, SICK has adopted this approach as a mission, developing the Sim-4-Safety solution based on the S3000 laser scanner and the Flexi Soft safety controller. The result constitutes the world’s first safety design that allows monitoring of up to four protective fields simultaneously. Continue reading