Moving rapidly from pattern detection to precise position identification

Greater flexibility with the pattern sensor


The PS30 pattern sensor, with its enormous flexibility, responds to trends in the packaging industry toward ever more complex and unusual labels. Offering unrestricted design freedom, the PS30 impresses not only when used on endless tracks – it also delivers outstanding results when detecting patterns on individual objects. The sensor detects and positions labels and any objects with a distinctive pattern reliably without print marks. Even without this unwanted design factor, the PS30 knows when an endless track needs to be cut into the roll-fed labeling or whether a package or tube is in the right position for sealing. Continue reading

Laser scanner support crane operators

Prevention of collisions when loading and unloading in ports


Loading and unloading in ports is constantly fast paced, while at the same time, safety is the highest priority. Preventing collisions with ship parts by monitoring port cranes can be particularly challenging, and accidents of this kind often cost several hundred thousands of euros. APM Terminals in Zeebrugge, Belgium wanted to mitigate the risk of such occurrences. Continue reading

Navigation scanners

Automated guidance made easy


Automated guided vehicles (AGVs) are used for moving materials and equipment, and operate without a driver on board. Using an automatic control system, they supply product lines and transport goods between different production areas. The Brazilian AGV specialist SINOVA opted for navigation scanners from SICK with which e.g the route of the vehicles can be changed easily and flexibly. Continue reading